Protesting the Nazis

Protesting the Nazisdsc07310.JPGToday hundreds of protesters confronted the Nazi organization National Socialist Movement, who came with only two dozen people with the aim of recruiting others to their program of thuggery. Billing themselves as
“America’s Nazi Party,” they are coming from all over Texas to rally against
immigrants and Jews.

The NSM has held dozens of hate rallies over the past few years. Everywhere
they go racist attacks increase. They are working to build a violent
movement for the extermination of all people not considered white.

In a recent speech in Austin, Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize
winner Elie Wiesel encouraged community members to “come out in full force”
to oppose the NSM.

And so we did.

dsc07312.JPGWhat really really gets to me is the presence of Black and Latino cops, very young, defending those who would lynch them rather than look at them against us–and the Nazis didn’t even have a permit to rally. It was our public space occupied by bigots and hatemongers tearing apart the Mexican flag, giving the Hitler salute, swaggering around in their swastikas, and holding signs that read “Support White Troops.”

Photos here courtesy of Maria Mancha. And here’s the first press coverage of the event:

Opposition outnumbers National Socialist group members 10-1 at Capitol rally.

By Patrick George, Isadora Vail
Saturday, November 11, 2006

Protesters and law enforcement officers in riot gear surrounded and
outnumbered a Nazi rally Saturday afternoon at the Capitol.

The crowd of about 250 protesters yelled profanities during the
two-hour rally by about 20 members of the National Socialist
Movement. Most of the crowd were angry at the Nazi presence and
immediately began chanting, “Nazis go home.”

“I hate racism, and I believe that it has to be confronted every time
it arises,” said Cindy Beringer, a 65-year-old political activist.
“It doesn’t make sense that they would have their rally on Veterans
Day either. They are just nuts.”

“Our presence here tells them that no one in their right mind agrees
with them. We want to keep their group small and disorganized,” said
James Clarke with the UT Anti-racism Network.

Police presence was heavy, with Department of Public Safety officers
in riot gear flanking protestors and Austin police surrounding the
rally area at the Capitol. Officers kept Nazis and protestors about
100 feet apart.

Despite the distance, exchanges between the two groups were heated.

Several of the Nazis, who wore brown military-style uniforms, stomped
on the Mexican flag as they gathered near the south entrance to the
capitol building. One member carried a sign that said “Support Our
White Troops”; another said “Protect Our Borders – Remove Aliens.”

4 thoughts on “Protesting the Nazis”

  1. Ah, no such protection here in Moscow. When the fascists marched on November 4 in Petersburg, cops stood by and watched the melee between fascists and antifa activists. Then they slowly moved in to break it up. True, the majority of arrests were of fascists. But the majority of head injuries reported were suffered by the antifa side. (from

    Keep fighting the good fight, babe.


  2. I preface my comments with:

    Although they have not brought about nearly as much death and human suffering as Maoist, Bolshevik etc. socialism has. I abhor and utterly detest the Nazi ideology and everything they stand for. Their sickness and radical far right-wing ideology is as dangerous as Dana’s radical far left-wing ideology.

    With that said…

    I propose that according to well documented non-partisan terrorist data complied at that Dana’s self righteousness in protesting the Nazi demonstration falls rather limp in light of the following data.

    Between the dates of 01/01/1968 – 03/29/2007:

    434 “Leftist” group incidents and 127 “Right-Wing Conservative” group incidents

    Most will agree that the “Communist/Socialist” group can be included with the “Leftist” group. Let’s group the “Right-Wing Reactionary” groups in with the “Right-Wing Conservative” group even though a few of the “Right-Wing Reactionary” groups are Islamic.

    The same goes for the Nationalist/Separatist group and the Religious group. Those groups are not applicable to the Christian, capitalist conservatives the Left loves to hate. As a matter of fact, we see the left generally embracing or at least sympathizing with the radical Muslim right.

    An enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine correct?

    Even though most middle of the road, right leaning conservatives such as myself abhor racism (my wife is of Mexican heritage) for the sake of my argument let’s go ahead and include the “Racist” group as well.

    434 “Leftist” groups + 3783 “Communist/Socialist” group incidents = 4217 and 127 “Right-Wing Conservative” groups + 14 “Right-Wing Reactionary” groups + 41 group incidents = 182.

    I am not a statistician. No amount of number fixing could produce such contrasting results.

    4217 incidents perpetrated by those of Dana’s embraced ideology group(s) compared to 182 Racist/Right Wing incidents…

    This blog post is nothing more than a display of non-productive far left wingers justifying the ongoing battle against their non-productive far right wing whacko counterparts.

    You’re all a bunch of radical nut-bags. Get a freaking hobby.

    Jab, jab, left hook, uppercut and she’s down for the count!

    Post this one for me if you will Dana.


  3. I’m happy to see the commies and the nazis at each other’s throats as much as possible. Keep it up, assholes. May you wipe each other out, and leave the world free of your collectivist bullshit for generations to come.


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