Proving my point: They want me fired.

If anyone doubted the seriousness of the new McCarthyism, they need only look to the Ward Churchill case or to any of the others I have mentioned in my published articles. Now I guess I’ve pushed the wrong/right buttons and here is what’s going on:

See below–I earnestly hope I won’t need any support but locals are now appealing to our Chancellor and regents–and they don’t really get the idea of academic freedom. I’ll append the other one too (see below)
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From: Gabriel Jones <>
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 08:46:37
To:Dana Cloud <>,,,,
Subject: Re: Laura’s show…

How is it that a university like UT can employ a professor like Ms. Cloud? I have spoken with members of my chrurch (Great Hills Baptist Church) about what it Ms. Cloud teaches and her qualifications. We are starting a petition suggesting her removal from UT. It is our opinion that the students, the school, and Austin deserve better representation.

Thank you
Gabriel Jones
Austin, TX

On 3/6/07 11:00 AM, “Gabriel Jones” <> wrote:

Laura made you sound stupid this morning. I would say you need to go back to school and get a bit more “edumicated” before tangling with a woman like her.

May God bless America…

No Regards,

Gabriel Jones

Austin, TX

Robert William Zerby Ph.D.
> Colonel / Infantry ( Retired )
> St.Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
> To: Dr Reese, Dr Hart
> CC: Dr Cloud
> Dear Sirs,
> After hearing the interview of Dr Cloud on the radio with Laura Ingraham, I
> was very
> disappointed with the University of Texas.
> Just from a communications standpoint, Dr Cloud was crush by Laura. For
> someone who is in a Deparment of Communication, she was a failure in the
> debate.
> For the University of Texas to employ a person who goes by the internet name
> of ”
> Texas Commie ” is a huge disappointment. I would expect that kind of crap at
> other
> colleges, but not UT.
> As a result, I have advised my nephews not to apply or attend UT and I will
> for the
> remainder of my years, advise any young people from attending UT.
> In my opinion, you’ve made a HUGE mistake in having her at UT and I would hope
> you will take the same approach to removing her as did the University of
> Colorado
> when they removed the tenured Prof Churchill. Just because Dr Cloud is
> tenured,
> does not mean she cannot be removed. Do it !!!
> Semper Fi,
> Doc
> Robert William Zerby Ph.D.
> Colonel / Infantry ( retired )
> …
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Dana L. Cloud

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I may need support but am hoping that my faculty and chair and Dean have my back.

1 thought on “Proving my point: They want me fired.”

  1. I won’t sugar coat it, I don’t think any of you should doubt the seriousness of the “new McCarthyism”. Many of us consider you traitors to this nation. You are supposed to teach communications not spew your leftist hate America/anti-capitalism propaganda.

    You have apparently overstepped your bounds. I would presume you don’t feel so brave and progressive now do you? You have the freedom to spew whatever kind of hatred you choose to but you should not be doing so on someone else’s dime. You are supposed to be an educator, not a Marxist indoctrinator.


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