Horowitz supporter admitted “New McCarthyism”–but seeks dialogue

A brief note: gregmc33 and I have begun a more meaningful and less threatening conversation. So I believe he no longer seeks to go “McCarthy” on me. We’ll see. Thanks, Greg. To tell you the truth, I have always doubted the utility of arguing with people who start off on the attack. But this latest round about academic freedom, I have discovered that dialogue may be possible. Who knew?

New comment on your post #79 “Proving my point: They want me fired.”
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I won’t sugar coat it, I don’t think any of you should doubt the seriousness of the “new McCarthyism”. Many of us consider you traitors to this nation. You are supposed to teach communications not spew your leftist hate America/anti-capitalism propaganda.

You have apparently overstepped your bounds. I would presume you don’t feel so brave and progressive now do you? You have the freedom to spew whatever kind of hatred you choose to but you should not be doing so on someone else’s dime. You are supposed to be an educator, not a Marxist indoctrinator.

9 thoughts on “Horowitz supporter admitted “New McCarthyism”–but seeks dialogue”

  1. And my reply to an email Dana sent me (evidently a baiting email):

    I sure wish I got the same warm fuzzies as this individual did. Regardless of how you attempt to defend yourself just the name of your site speaks volumes.

    It’s a deal sealer.


    Communism is a good idea but it goes against everything that makes humans, human. In action it is pure evil. You don’t need to try and convince me otherwise. I have done enough reading and writing on both sides of the isle to know where I stand. My beliefs cannot be shaken, I stand firm. We are two different individuals with two different opinions. We can’t ever see eye to eye as long as you embrace that evil economic/social structure.

    You did sound like an educated individual and I wish that you could let go of whatever it was that caused you to embrace what you do but, I imagine you are like me. You are solid in your stance.

    Honestly, I don’t wish you any harm. God bless and good luck to you.

    I responded in good conscience with no knowledge that Dana would stoop to calling me a “Horowitz minion” and following that up with a SHOCKING National Inquirer type headline of “Horowitz minion admits to being a New McCarthyist”!!
    Now, I can’t help but chuckle at that. However, I believe this instance is very educational for the purposes at exposing a rather adolescent attempt at sensationalism and misrepresentation. I would think a decently paid tenured professor could do a little better.


  2. I would also like to draw the readers attention to the fact that although in Mrs. Dana’s Comments section it clearly states: Mail (will not be published) (required). Did she make a simple mistake?

    If you note her post below of a “conservative” who compliments her, she omits his email address so no she did not make a simple mistake by displaying mine.

    She has compromised her integrity by posting my email address. I don’t mind by the way but, this calls into question her personal integrity by not adhering to the promise of “[E]Mail[Address] (will not be published)”.


  3. 1. I assume that anyone willing to attack me would be courageous enough to be open about it. My supporters did not let themselves in for it, though; hence I only omitted their names. gregmc should be able to take what he dishes out.

    2. If he is not a minion of Horowitz, what is he? He takes his marching orders from the Laura Ingraham show. And his comment did ask me to realize that he truly is a McCarthyist and I should be afraid. Which I am not. To call him a Horowitz minion and a new McCarthyist is accurate by his own admission, not sensationalistic.

    3. In my own very small way I like to think I am dangerous to the status quo by encouraging critical thinking in my classes (not indoctrination) and doing politics in the public sphere. We did after all defeat the Horowitz-lite resolution in the TX Senate this week.

    It is a culture war my friends. What side are you on?



  4. Indeed, I do seek further dialog with Ms. Cloud (apologies). Some learning on both of our parts will be productive. We are two people with different perspectives but one goal, to help this greatest nation on this most beautiful Earth.


  5. Hey gregmc,

    1) Its Dr. Cloud, not Mrs. Cloud or really even Ms. Cloud. Most people who have been to school would, on mostly occasions, not address a professor as Mr. or Ms. Its not very respectful of their professional success and the important work they do.

    2) You need to be quite and listen for just a minute in order to engage the learning process (if that is really your goal?). I don’t know you but by reading your posts it seems like you’re interested in spewing your idea and then holding your hands over your ears. Again, I don’t know you but that is how your posts read.

    To gregmc and others:

    Your ideas come off as relentlessly naive. I have been reading this dialogue on this blog and many people (not just you gregmc) are speaking about something you know nothing about. These accusations about Dr. Cloud are not coming from the people who actually sit in her class; they are coming from people like you who hear a little propaganda on the news, radio or at church. Your ideas about Dr. Cloud are not grounded in the experience of what is ACTUALLY going on in the classroom or witnessing “these awful moments of indoctrination.” Having sat in many classes with Dr. Cloud, these accusations kind of makes me want to laugh. Because she is one of the most open and encouraging professors I have ever had the University of Texas. Not to mention, she goes out of her way to encourage a dialogue among different viewpoint (more so than a majority of the professors on campus who profess objectivity and a anti-political classroom). Given the manner in which Dr. Cloud has routinely run her classroom, it makes the public hate mongering towards her more transparent. This witch hunt is about her ideas, not how she runs her classroom. Really, how do you know what it is like to be in her student if you are not there to experience it OR at the very least have talked to some who has….really, quite naive.

    Her ideas might upset you. You might not agree but that is ok. We can disagree and still love one another. And give her student a little more presumption about their ability to discern for themselves what to believe in her classroom. Really, you all sound like a bunch of uniformed, overprotective parents.

    Finally, I learned how to be a good citizen in this country from Dr. Cloud. The content of her class didn’t encourage me to read my material and go play the x-box or to partially pay attention to class and then go get drunk at the bar. She stopped me dead in my tracks and encouraged me to think about how participate in the political process. She suggested that I take my ideas (whatever they are) and engage the world. I can’t think of a more important goal for the university classroom.


  6. Thanks, smartypants, whoever you are (?). I appreciate your passionate rebuttal. And I am thrilled to have encouraged you to engage the world.

    I do think gregmc is making an effort to listen, unlike some other folks with whom I have corresponded. I will listen to him, too, even though I don’t anticipate that we will agree.
    Actually, it has been fascinating how many people begin to see each other as human if we are patient. It gives me hope.

    (P.S. I don’t mind being called Ms. Cloud. It sure beats Mrs. Cloud, ma’am, liar, coward, traitor, or hate-monger.)


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