“Happy”? Memorial Day

3758 U.S. troops killed in Iraq.

Countless thousands of Iraqis killed in Iraq.

At least 8 U.S. soldiers killed over Memorial Day weekend.

1 Austin soldier killed over Memorial Day weekend.

At least 650,000Iraqi civilians killed (Lancet Medical Journal, October 11, 2006); 4 million displaced (refugee crisis bigger than Darfur).

And for what? Control of oil; control of the Middle East; not to protect the American people.

100 years of senseless death and destruction:

U.S. deaths (combat and indirect consequence of war) in

Mexican American War: 13,000–clearly a colonialist war

Civil War: 600,000–begins as war for economic dominance by North, ends as war against slavery

WWI: 117,000–a completely imperialist war; no one can argue there were other motives

WW II: 400,000–originally for geopolitical dominance and colonial aims; eventually against fascism

Japanese deaths from U.S. nuclear strikes 1945: at least 200,000

Korean War: 33,000–for geopolitical dominance

Vietnam War: 58,000–for geopolitical dominance

Gulf War I: 300–for oil

Afghanistan: 390–for oil

at least 4000 civilian casualties (more than killed by the 9/11 terrorists)

Remembering those lost should never be happy, and we should mourn the deaths of others, not just Americans.

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