Help Us Save Kenneth Foster

 A message from Kenneth:Dear Readers –

Once again, in along line of injustices delivered by this system, another has been added to their list.

After waging battle with courts with one of the strongest cases in Death Penalty history a date of execution was set upon me (on May 1st, 2007 By Judge Maria Teresa Herr) for August 30th 2007.

Though having gotten my death sentence vacated in March 2005 by a Federal Judge, that ruling was appealed, taken back and my following appeals asking for reconsideration was systematically denied. At the same time that my appeal was being systematically denied other cases of men who actually did kill was being heard. Can any of us make any sense of this? The only reasoning that we can get out of this is people with stronger injustices will be even more oppressed. Why? Two reasons:

1. Fear of being proven wrong.

2. Fear of opening a flood gate that’ll help tear down this broke system, the results – My murder.

Currently we are mobilizing for my last 2 steps (in both the odds are greatly against us-not because the issues aren’t legit and solid, but because the system is rigged). Those 2 steps are:

1. Filing an emergency appeal back down to the first court (criminal courts of appeal) allowed through a law under what is called subsequent writs which allows you to cite newly discovered evidence that this court never heard before. We have that through Julius Steen (whose trial testimony this state CCA court heavily relied upon to deny my early appeal) who has come forward and exonerated me (those affidavits can be read on this site). Our position is this:

– no rational juror could convict me if Steen’s testimony was heard.

– His testimony proves my innocence.

Will they want to grant this? NO! But all we can do is try.

2. If this appeal is denied we can only apply for clemency – and that has been a hopeless street. Governor Perry have never once granted clemency to a death row prisoner (even when his own board recommended it). But, we have a unique strategy that we plan to launch to Perry. Though it’s too much to detail here it will be unseen before and intense. If you would like to be kept abreast of this historical process please join my e group where you can receive updates.

For those of you that would like to lend a hand I ask the following of you:

Go to the politician petition on this site and fill some out.

It’s my belief that if this does not become a political issue then I have no chance. I believe that I have the type of case that can force Perry into Clemency.

You can also go to the governor’s petition section and send in one of those.

At this point this is the best people out there can do, but if any of you have a desire to be hands on please do not hesitate to contact me or this web-master.

For anyone that reads my case will know that Texas is about to commit a vile injustice. What is about to happen is beyond extreme – it’s sadistic.

They will try to justify my murder through what their law of parties says. Laws don’t make justice. Once upon a time in Amerika slavery was a law. There was lynch laws. Jim Crow laws NONE of them were right and the Law of Parties statute is not being applied right.

The Death penalty is supposed to be saved for the most heinous of crimes. That’s a lie. And to top it off – the other two men that sat in the car with me (doing just as i was – sitting there unknowingly) are serving sentences in TDC. These contradictions are beyond atrocious.

We will not be silent, we will fight until the end!

I will use this section to give news, journals and poems from time to tim. We ask you to not be silent either, for silence is like approval.

This site shows the man I am today. I have dedicated my life for 10 years now. I will not walk head down. In my own right I have left a legacy – for my family, for my child, for fellow strugglers. The only fear is in being forgotten and others not following the path of struggle i have laid. My murder should act as a flame in the heart of fighters for justice – not a mourning device. Don’t mourn – MOBILIZE!

I’m ready for what’s to come and as long as I have breath I will remain a voice for the reformed and revitalized.


Without cease

Kenneth “Haramia” Foster


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