“The Date” by Kenneth Foster

An incredibly moving poem by a man wrongly scheduled for execution on August 30–for driving a car.

The Date 

the weight
of the date
is back.
i say
the fact of the matter
is that the odds are stacked
against me.
the stats be:
Black is blank
on the slate
(meaning gone),
and the traps of the crooks
were well laid.
i surface the names
of those slain
in the name of a lady
that’s used
in vein
(i spelled it right).
i say
the weight
of the date
is back –
upon my chest.
my shoulders be full already –
the slack not shown,
so i adapt to the burdens
prone to be life endangering/
exact like documentaries.
the memories are very
precise and sat
heavily upon my mind
the way time ticks
and taps at your soul
contracting the fears
and regrets back.
coz the weight
of the date
is intact
once again
on 10-2-06.
no sense
in the defense
of the denial
except for maybe
sociopaths in the back
on benches lying
in wait.
and the weight
of the date
is back
upon me
like never before –
cutting upon me.
i’ve said it 1,000 times
i’m not safe
‘til i leave the gates;
now the weight
of the date
is back upon me,
but i refuse
to give in.

For more: http://www.freekennethfoster.com

2 thoughts on ““The Date” by Kenneth Foster”

  1. To Kenneth and Family…This is unreal!How can they possibly take the life of someone who has done NOTHING to deserve such a penalty?What is wrong with the state of Texas or any other state that would allow this?I don’t know too much about the law,but this “Execution”has got to be stopped.How do we fight the system though?I just found your web site by chance,and I don’t even know if they carried anything out yet(GOD FORBID).To the family,I don’t know what I can do to help,but if there is anything,please let me know.Naturally,I will pray about this,but there’s got to be something we can do.But,WHAT? And what about the family of the victim that died?Have they made a stand on this?I cannot understand anyone who would want someone to die just because they were present at the crime.Kenneth,I’m sure could not control what someone else was doing.Ya know,alot of people believe in the eye for an eye thing,and maybe there’s nothing wrong with that,but how can they call it an eye for an eye when his crime doesn’t come close to the severe punishment he’s receiving?And what Kenneth was saying about genocide,he is totally right.I believe that there are some people who do deserve the death penalty,there’s just some crimes that deserve the worst,but if the person didn’t actually do the killing,especially if it was a spur of the minute thing,not premeditated in anyway even by the person who did do it,how can they legally say that the one who did not hurt anyone through it all has to die for that crime???I’m not saying that Kenneth didn’t commit any crime that night,but he certainly did not kill anyone…Man,this is really ridiculous.This family must be going through pure hell to say the least.And to think that it was “The People”who voted these people into office,I think this world is more lost now then ever before.Anyway,I won’t keep you any longer,I know you have much to do,and believe me when I say I will pray on this for all of you.God bless and contact me if I can help in some way.Love and Prayers,Anna.


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