Russian Cement Workers on Strike:

 This from my beloved in Moscow.


On Tuesday, June 26, workers at Mikhailov Cement (a Eurocement company) are going on strike over wage demands. These workers are undertaking one of the first labor campaigns in the construction industry devoted to raising wages and improving workers’ living conditions.  Making an average of 3800 to 7500 rubles a month (around $150 to just under $300), working weekends and holidays, and facing constant increases in the cost of living, these workers have decided to demand more. Against them stands an employer who has a monopoly on cement production in European Russia.

Workers at Mikhailov Cement have been struggling for better conditions now for a month. They conducted a one-hour work stoppage in May, completely ignored by local media and scoffed at by their employer. Living in a company village, they have endured pressure from all sides, including the harassment of their children at school and a temporary lockout under the guise of making repairs to the factory. Yet workers are standing strong, having decided that as the price of cement has gone up, and profits with it, it is time for them to stand up and demand fair pay for their work.

What you can do:

1) Send a fax to M.A. Skorokhod, president of Mikhailov Cement’s parent company, Eurocement, at 011-7-495-737-5510 or 011-495-795-2581 (24 hours); or to the Office of Community Relations at 011-7-495-737-5776 (business hours). Tell Eurocement that you support the workers at Mikhailov Cement and their demands for better pay, and that you condemn any retaliation against workers who have participated in the dispute. (It is all right to send messages in English.)

2) Send workers your messages of encouragement and support. For messages in English, send to <>  (for translation and forwarding). For messages in Russian, send to or

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