2 thoughts on “Kenneth Foster’s Grandfather on Pacifica Radio’s Wake Up Call”

  1. Hmmm… glad you poked me to read a little more about this one. It looks like Kenneth indeed made a huge mistake in running with the wrong person, Mr. Brown. However, I gotta say it doesn’t look like the killing was planned in any way shape or form. This reminds me of the Duke Lacross case and Nifong where we have a problem with runaway DA’s who are zealously prosecuting for commission and reputation. That in my opinion is criminal…

    I agree that he deserves to be punished because he left the scene and gave Mr. Brown a ride but, he doesn’t deserve death.

    Good call Dana! I am going to see if I can’t get involved in this case a little bit… I have personally been caught up (temporarily thank God) in the system too, I know how it feels though my case didn’t come close to Kenneth’s case.


  2. Thanks, Greg. Yes, he was hanging with a bad crowd but it was a matter of wrong place, wrong time. He is totally a different person now, too–we all are when we grow up. Even though he has been wrongly forced to grow up in jail, he has not let that defeat him. I am against the death penalty in general, but this case is particularly egregious and deserving of careful attention. It’s cool that you want to get involved.



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