New Hate Mail!

Just received this by email (from kashyyyyko <>; feel free to send him email). Can this rant be serious? It is like a parody of right wing thought. Scary over-the-top.

i found out about you from a conservative website and i saw some of your dirty shit-screeds; your own words.
you are a dirty liberal I hate you you are ugly and you are anti-american and evil.  i wish it was illegal for liberals to do alot of things, including teach, abuse their citizenship, and protest those who Love America (see Minutemen Project and your american-hating beliefs).  we need to close the border because illegals cause crime and blight.  i love it when police go after liberals it gives me Hope, real Hope, not dirty liberal “change” hope- that empty suit platitudes and the mexican scum love- REAL REPUBLICAN PRO-AMERICAN HOPE!
only Conservatives, Republicans, Ultra-Nationalists, Lou Dobbs Independents, Anti-Immigration people, and Liberal-Haters are true Americans.  Blame-America-First democRATS and liberal socialists are not american and should all be tried for treason!!!!
Even racists make better Americans than liberals, but only if they are white.  Hispanics are virulently racist and they hate whites and thus they hate Americans.  Black people have their problems but they hate Mexicans #1 and so the possibility of Black on Brown Mania!!!!!!!!  YES it is just so titilating
im not racist i just hate mexicans and brown people and some scummy ghetto blacks and some asians and wiggers because they hate ME, MY PEOPLE, MY FAMILY, and MY COUNTRY!
as some black people say  “mmmhmmmm”
Why don’t you just take your liberal ass and go to cuba, china, north korea, or iran and STAY THERE
go ahead and snarl at a real american you coward I don’t know why people with PHD’s have their heads so far up their ass!  id rather Love America and be less educated than have a PHD and hate this country.

7 thoughts on “New Hate Mail!”

  1. isn’t Kashyyyk the name of the planet Chewbacca is from? (just checked, Wikipedia says it is)

    I can’t decide which parts of this to find horrifying and which parts to laugh at, but I think they kind of mix together.


  2. Accidentally deleted this comment: New comment on

    escribo en espanol para que le duela mas a este senor. Es increible el odio que tiene en su alma y el nivel de racismo que le corre en la sangre. Seguramente no tiene madre y si tiene seguramente la odia tambien. Si pudiera ver la tierra desde la luna podria darse cuenta que todos somos terricolas y la diferencia es el territorio donde nacimos y la leche que tomamos cuando ninos. Este fulano tomo leche de burro directamente de la teta.


    I write in Spanish so that it hurts only this gentlemn. It is incredible the hatred that he has in his soul and the level of racism that runs in his blood. Surely he does not have mother and if he has surely he also hates her. If podria (?) could see the Earth from the moon he would realize that all we are earth’s dwellers and the difference is the territory where we were born and the milk that we took when young. This fulano (?) drank donkey milk directly from the teat.


  3. His language is offensive, but not as repulsive as the sanctimonius views of Ms. Cloud. Intellectual arrogance usually stirs people.
    I wish Ms. Cloud would move to a repressive country and try speaking out the way she freely does here. It will take an armed revolution to gain what she speaks for. If she gets her way, then her voice would be permanently shut.
    Intellectual arrogance makes people stupid. It’s like bad breath, obvious to everyone but the one speaking.
    I along with most Texans, am ashamed she is in Austin.
    She along with other liberals is nothing more than an elitist bigit. Anyone who disagrees with her is percieved as an idiot. So much for tolerance, huh?
    I am a capitalist, I am conservative and I love children. I am raising three boys who will be the same. I encourage liberals to continue valuing pets over raising children. We’ll see you at the polls in 20 yrs.


  4. I certainly don’t think that everyone who disagrees with me is an idiot. But David’s reasoning makes little sense. What’s this about liberals–of which I am not one–valuing pets over children?

    I appreciate debate on my blog and invite othe readers to respond.


  5. I know this might not be the most appropriate place to post this but for other readers living in the USA are you concerned about the debt? It just seems like it is getting to the point where the country is going to go bankrupt and my husband and I are just a little concerned that our kids and grandkids are going to have some big problems in a few years. Thanks for letting me vent, Sara


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