“Facts Count” by Freeexchangeon campus.org

Go to freeexchange on campus.org for the full report. Here are their conclusions about Horowitz’s latest book, “One-Party Classroom”

executive summary
Nearly three years after our first report, Facts Count, debunked the accusations against
faculty members and higher education in David Horowitz’s 2006 book, The Professors,
we find ourselves confronted with yet another round of attacks against higher educa-
tion in his latest book, One-Party Classroom, which he co-authored with Jacob Laskin.
Our conclusion, after reading this new book and examining its arguments and their
factual bases, is the same as it was in 2006: Facts still count, and Horowitz’s arguments
still sorely lack supporting evidence.
New policies that affect higher education should not be undertaken lightly, considering
the millions of students and future leaders attending American colleges and universi-
ties, the communities relying on important research to solve our collective challenges,
and the policymakers depending on institutions to add economic vitality and growth to
their districts.
Unfortunately, instead of the rigorous examination upon which future policies and
planning should be based, Horowitz’s analysis in One-Party Classroom closely resem-
bles the shoddy research and baseless conclusions in The Professors. Like previous
works from Horowitz, One-Party Classroom attempts to indict all of higher education
based on examples the authors have cherry-picked and then distorted beyond any sem-
blance of reality.
This report examines the inaccuracies in One-Party Classroom’s accusations, as well
as the lack of evidence and faulty logic underlying its claims and conclusions. As in
his previous works, Horowitz cites only a scant number of academics and courses, and
then makes broad generalizations and indictments of higher education based on that
unrepresentative sampling. In this book, Horowitz adds to his research problems by
reviewing only course syllabi available online, faculty member profiles and reading
lists—often incompletely and/or inaccurately—and failing to include any real measure
of what occurs in a course. In particular, this report will examine:

conclusions and accusations based on incomplete and inaccurate course syllabi:
Horowitz repeatedly uses inaccurate copies of course descriptions, intentionally omits
sections of course descriptions and simply misquotes course descriptions, when claim-
ing that a course, department or faculty member’s work is inappropriate for higher
education. With a lack of accurate evidence, Horowitz’s conclusions fail to hold water.
misrepresentations of classroom reading lists.
Repeatedly, Horowitz cites the reading list of a course as evidence that it is used to
indoctrinate rather than educate—typically because his representation of the read-
ing list contains only perspectives of which he disapproves. However, in a number of
examples, Horowitz’s account literally leaves out books and reading assignments that
would disprove his claims.
misrepresentations of faculty members’ credentials:
As in his previous attacks on higher education, one of Horowitz’s chief complaints is
that faculty members lack the credentials to teach their courses. Similar to his treat-
ment of reading lists, Horowitz relies on, at best, incomplete information to make his
claims. He repeatedly leaves out significant research or writing in the relevant field
when making his accusations.
Facts still count, and our assessment of Horowitz’s latest book finds it sorely lacking.
Much like The Professors, the data in One-Party Classroom is cherry-picked, manipu-
lated or grossly blown out of proportion to serve Horowitz’s agenda—to smear and
discredit higher education. To the extent One-Party Classroom provides evidence of any
trend, it demonstrates only the consistency of Horowitz’s biases against higher education.

2 thoughts on ““Facts Count” by Freeexchangeon campus.org”

  1. Not a single example given in the entire blog post. What’s more, I noticed that there was not a single disputation of the underlying POINTS made in the books. That is, even if you can find errors and omissions, are you disputing the overall theses made in “One-Party Classroom” and “The Professors”?

    Speaking as a recent college graduate, I’ll tell you that the modern university is a wasteland of liberal leftist propaganda. Even in the natural sciences, liberal profs just can’t seem to keep their brains on-topic, without veering off into a rant about politics, or some other pet PC topic.


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