Socialism and Postmodernism–talk to Socialism Conference 2011

Marxism and Postmodernism Socialism 2011 Dana L. Cloud see chart Why discussion is important: It seems incredible at present, but postmodern thought, which since the 1960s has emphasized the irrelevance if not impossibility of organized working class struggle against austerity and imperialism, is, for some, still a compelling explanation of social crisis and social movements… Continue reading Socialism and Postmodernism–talk to Socialism Conference 2011

Happy Birthday, You’re Not a Person

Today is my birthday. North Carolina voters just decided I'm not fully human. Here is a response. Whereas miscegenation queered the rite's unstable battle, today another state banned endogamy, the joining of like to like, ironically as ever calling difference into being. Not so much for domestication but facing inhumanity ratified by popular declaim, I… Continue reading Happy Birthday, You’re Not a Person